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'Aunties' Seasonal Food.

Talking of seasonal food, here's a link that some might find useful.

ta that reminded me how much i like spratts ,must look out for some .

Sweet breath. thumbup

i know that rebranding them as sardines has improved the sales but i still think of them as spratts

as well as pie or bbq they make a very nice pickled fish

good vinegar,salt,soft brown sugar,dill,and optional pepper/chilli flakes

takes about a week in the fridge for best flavour and melted bones

ps some add onion but i like em without

Ooh: that's a thought: the old chap will be away for the last part of the week and my lovely fish man may have sprats: the old chap can't stand them so I could have a sprat feast Smile

Looking at the other things in season....think of a blood orange and spring onion salad.... Very Happy
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