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2 bed house for sale nr Bangor

Semi detached stone built cottage in Rachub nr Bangor. Double glazing, gas central heating, truss free loft space, garden, and views 108,500no smilies

Good luck. Is the loft free of all surgical appliances or just trusses?no smilies

What a beautiful house :Dno smilies

The garden has two raised beds of well established raspberry canes (which I've just pruned) - and various herbs elsewhere ... and a huge clematis, and another interesting climber which I haven't identified.

EVno smilies

What a lovely little house, pity it's so far away from our catchment area. Shouldn't have much trouble selling it.

Mo.XXno smilies
Barefoot Andrew

Those photos seem remarkably devoid of puss cats ;) smilies

Wrong house smilies
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