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amazing geezer and lady geezer

im sure i have mentioned him before but worth a second look

this chap is showing a similar tradition

very practical

calmness in action is useful

the way form can be applied is demonstrated very clearly

there is no hint of how to learn to do that stuff in such videos but showing it can be done is good

learning needs a serious student to find a master

other fighting traditions are available Laughing

and this one

master fu ,a true gentleman , fine artist and poet

this woman has a deep understanding

im putting the internal attitude martial stuff up cos nice folk should be able to resist those who are not nice ,to get capable takes a few hours ,to be a master like these folk is a lifetimes work

i watched that again, i really like the couple of moves almost too fast for camera

all these films are real time ,the slow stuff looks like slomo but it aint

fast from this tradition would look ace in ten thousand frames a second

it isnt slow in use .

the two young lads sparring show a push that just disappears stage right Laughing

this has a slow start but it is worth the waiting

krev maga has a pure basis ,it is practical
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