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Book promotion ideas?

I'm just doing the final (famous last words) editing of my very first novel (Year of the Celt: Imbolc) and I have started on the website - but thats a long way to go yet. I've done 122,967 words so far - but its only the first of 4 books of the same name (but each is a different festival/season: Year of the Celt: Beltane, etc).
Its going to be an ebook published via Amazon.

I was wondering what kinds of forums I might plug it on (gently of course). I was thinking maybe forums such as re-enacting or those into megaliths, etc.

Any ideas?
Nell Merionwen

Well, there is the living history forum To start with.

welsh veg grower

been doing a lot of promotion of my book (although it is a printed one) but I use twitter, I also got people to review it on amazon (I sent them copies before I even launched the book so the reviews went on day one) Also facebook is good for connecting with groups of people. Build up a tribe of followers who talk about your book and whatthey like / dont like about it they will be your best marketing and pr people ever

if I can help more give me a shout always happy to help those trying to get a book out there, its fun, exciting, hard work and sometimes lonely.

Crazy hippy magazines that do their own website (present company excepted, probably), like do 'Kindred Spirit' do a website?

Child-rearing crazy hippies like 'Juno' magazine - bet they're online too.

Plant-growing crazy hippies like 'Permaculture Magazine'.

Also be prepared on here (and everywhere else you go) to do a 'ready, steady, go' on your launch. If you can give a big spike to your hits on the day you launch, you can climb enough rankings so 'everyone else' can see you.

As its going out as an e-book, consider doing a loss-leading price for the first two or three days, get lots of downloads and hopefully that will generate lots of reviews which will then lead to more sales at full price. Makes it nice and easy to say 'buy today whilst its half-price' or whatever. I quite often pick up a book from an unknown author whist its on special, but then go on to buy the sequel at full price because I've then got to know their work
Nicky Colour it green

make a website and the link to it from forums - like here!

Don't get carried away with online promotion at the expense of more traditional methods. Press: generate an interesting back story, create press release (that they don't have to do much with), local radio, regional news channels - the more creative your back story is the better chance you have of coverage. Talks at local groups, reviews in magazines.. and so on.

As far as the online presence, don't forget to tweet - get followers, build up the interest, tweet, offer free download for your 100th follower, your 200th....and so on.

Try these chaps at

Bretwalda Books Ltd is dedicated to producing high quality books with a broad appeal. We aim to produce books with high quality content, exceptional design, innovative subjects matter and fine production values.

Our non-fiction range concentrates on History, Politics and the Paranormal. Our fiction range embraces a wide variety of quality works in a number of genres to appeal to a wide spread of readerships.

I know of them through a past MEP candidate but before (and still) that, he was and is a very successful historical author. If you look on the website they are wanting would be authors, could be well worth an email? Smile Good Luck, with your book either way Smile

Rename it 50 Shades of Celt.

Rename it 50 Shades of Celt.

Laughing Laughing Laughing
Now thats brilliant!

50 Shades of Welsh Grey - subplot, sex in the rain in an old allotment shed. "Oooh, the kettle is boilin!""G'wan , leave it, it can boil away"...
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