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Bramley Apple glut

What would you do with them?

I'm not familiar with the variety. What is it normally used for?

Have you already exhausted the usual apple recipes (sauce, butter, etc)?

Maybe it's time to make cyser? About 1 pound of honey (or less) per gallon of cider before you pitch your yeast makes for some real high-test sipping come spring.

Bradley or bramley?

I will edit.

might be a bit acid for cider unless you need your tooth enamel and gut linings thinning.

they dry well. slice dip in citric acid solution, dry till either chewy for nibbling (BBD couple of months )

or dry till extra crispy , turn to crumbs in a blender , pack tight into jars . ace in cakes , sauces , pork dishes, on museli etc etc (BBD at least a couple of years)

the apple crumb is also quite nice added to either cereal/nut or meat based pocket food bars

they might be ok in a calvados mash perhaps with some other varieties to add a bit more top end fragrant notes.

This is my apple & coriander sauce, you may want to scale down unless you can pasteurise

4kg cooking apples cored and quartered
400g green chillies
300g chopped fresh coriander
100ml cider vinegar
20ml sugar
80ml salt
1 Ltr water

Cook the apples till mushy with water, sugar and salt
Liquidise/blend till smooth

Add finely chopped green chillies, simmer for 15 mins

Add coriander, jar and pasteurise

It can be used as a marinade, dip, relish etc. I haven't met anyone yet that doesn't like it

Thank you all.
Will try crisps, crumb and the sauce.
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