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ceps awol ? not any more

my best ceps site is shroom free, there is no sign of anyone picking them and i would have expected them by now going by the last two years.

it was a bit dry over spring and summer but tis pretty damp now.

how are your ceps doing?

I've checked a couple of times to no avail.

Apparently there's been some good flushes over on our side (or whatever close relative we call porcini) that have slowed down with dry weather in August, but some folks are starting to find them again now.

But I've never successfully found/identified them (or truly tried yet - next summer perhaps)

umm, interesting i will hope the recent rain changes the situation they are very yummy fresh and superb dried.
Mistress Rose

I have found some boletes over the last few weeks, but they are not ceps. Not too sure what they are so never dare to eat them.

basic bolete advice

as the chap says you are unlikely to die but you will regret a bad mistake.

is not red and does not stain blue will eliminate all the really nasty ones and a few edible ones.

rogers or phillips will help a definite id but the above will keep you safe.
Mistress Rose

The ones growing in the wood stain blue, but I have never been able to identify them with absolute certainty. Therefore I don't eat them.

best avoid any that stain blue unless you are very sure and quite bold. Wink

i got two yesterday from the second best site Cool and left the one that was half eaten by slugs to spore Very Happy

hopefully that heralds the start of the cep season at last and the best spot will follow on soonish.

at last they are up, i got about a kilo of button ones from my best site which are now sliced and dried, a couple of days reaching full flavour in a no longer on dehydrator and they will be ready for the jar Cool

6 kg or so with today's pick, from just 2 birch trees ( best site ) and lots more just starting to show.

it seems a late year is no problem so long as one is patient Cool

yum yum yum Cool
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