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I searched for a beginners cheese making article :and came up empty... So I decided to make some based on several posts and a few other sites articles I had found. Along the way I took some photos & notes :) . So if a beginners cheese making article is wanted I'll write it up, but as the method is a mishmash of others methods, should I post it here for 'peer review'/adjustments/corrections or should I just send it?

BTW the cheese was luverly :D

no smilies

Excellent idea. please write it!no smilies

Go for it...

Some research materials here


However it has to be said that the real daddy is here smilies
wellington womble

If the cheese was lovely, then that qualifies you to write the article, as far as I'm concerned!no smilies

I'm looking forward to this 8)
I think it's time for me to move on from yogurt :shock: :lol:no smilies

Me too! I lurve Cheese never made it smilies

moonwind wrote:
Me too! I lurve Cheese never made it before.

You could have a go at roqufort (sp?)... made with sheep milk I believe 8) :lol: :lol: :lol:no smilies

A hard cheese as well - should be smilies

sliceable but crumbly yes :)

OK I will get on and start writing this up then, may take a week or so though as I have several pumpkins to scrape out tonight and carve tomorrow :?

May also have a go at making some gjetost(sp?) from the whey 8)no smilies

ohh yes please. I'd like to try making cheeseno smilies

2steps wrote:
ohh yes please. I'd like to try making cheese

oiy you - won't serious sleep deprivation be the order of the day for you sometime soon :lol: :lol: :lol:

Oh no - she is one of those mothers that not only copes but blossoms grrrrr. I don't remember even getting time to dress let alone cook ANYTHING for several months if not years after my lot got smilies
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