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Combi boiler filling loop?

I can't get hold of the landlady to check.

The (Heat Line) boiler has low pressure. It's under 1 bar and therefore won't work, as I've discovered waiting for the tap to run hot, and waiting and waiting..... I've undone the boxing in of the pipe work underneath. Now I'm no boiler expert, but there is no filling loop with a top up tap visible. All there is the direct cold water inlet feed to the boiler with associated blue tap. This does not top the boiler up, I tried.

I can't find any other loop to top the pressure up. So is the inlet supposed to be topping the pressure up and I need the landlady to send someone to actually fix why it isn't? Or, will there be a filling loop that isn't under the boiler and is attached to the system elsewhere?

Heatline User Manuals.
Does that help?

I actually have the manual. It is the least helpful manual ever, that refers you to other sections repeatedly. Then only has a section on filling the system from scratch in the 'Installing Your Boiler' part.

I think it just assumes there will be a filling loop. So when your warning light comes on, you'll top it up. Which is what it says under the diagram of warning lights explanation, pretty much. Without any specific mention of how though.

Some combi-boilers have a built in filling loop, our Glowworm has a blue tap underneath that you turn on to top-up the system.

I have found a very small footnote which says that my boiler is not supplied with one. I've played hunt the filling loop and there is actually no way for me to do it with what's there.

So I'll leave the landlady another message and hope she isn't out the country again.

ETA - The landlady is indeed out the country but I have spoken to her. She has left a message for the plumber. She cheerily admits she has no idea what I'm on about but has passed the problem on to the wife of the plumber because he is out of mobile signal currently. However at some point he will get back to me.

Take a few pics & post them on here.

All sorted.

I spoke to the plumber on the phone, who sounded very surprised when I explained and went "It sounds like you know what you're talking about.......?"

This was quickly followed by "Er, have you got a ladder?"
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