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Dead Screen

The screen on my lad's laptop seems to have died. He booted up and the screen stayed black but all the processor working lights were flashing away as usual. He typed in his password and the windows log on music was there as usual.

Not sure how to proceed now. I have heard of people with dead screen running the laptop through another screen, but how would you set that up when you can't see what you're doing?

Or is likely to be a dead loss? If so, whats the best way to get all the stuff off it without a working screen?

Have you *got* a monitor? If it's the screen that's died, you might be able to just plug-and-play it ... connect from the video-out port on the laptop to the in-port on the monitor, switch on and say a little prayer.
oldish chris

Looks like you're off to the computer repair man. Guessing - its a connection problem and it will cost about 30 to have it fixed. Worst case scenario - 190 for a new screen.

If its a write-off, then the computer repair man will be able to retrieve the files (in the unlikely event that they haven't been backed up).

Connect to another screen, and to poke it into action there's likely to be a picture of a monitor on one of the f keys. Press this, it varies but its often alt f8, I think.

It's F1 on my Dell.

It's one of those 'hit random keys until something works' things, I think.
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