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Five week old pullets for sale, Somerset

Five weeks old hens;

2x salmon faverolles
3x cream legbars Sold STC
3x barnebars

Just reducing the heat this week, they will be ready to go next week. 12 each.

1x barnevelder hen, six weeks, 10
1x barnebar hen, 6 weeks, 12
2x twelve week old millefleur pekin hens, 12 each Sold STC

Also week olds

Cream legbars (sexed) - 7
Barnebars (sexed) - 7
Barnevelders, unsexed - 5
Pekins, one millefleur one cuckoo or black, unsexed - 4

Amended for what's sold.

Bimpity bump.

I am after 4-5 week old pullets. Do you have any available?

Hi there, thanks for asking. I have the faverolles left and millefleur pekin. They're now eight weeks, so they would be 15 each for the big ones and 10 for the bantam.
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