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Gas Combi Boiler Recommendations Please.

Our boiler has gone wrong *again*. It's the filler loop valve this time so shouldn't be too costly but over all it's been unreliable and expensive to repair so I think it's time to stop throwing good money after bad and replace it while we've got a bit of cash in hand.

Has anyone got any recommendations/access to Which reliability reports etc please?

Current one is Glow-Worm so don't waste your typing recommending them. :wink:no smilies

Worcester and Vaillant always do well for efficiency/reliabilityno smilies

'Swhat I thought. I'll have ask our plumber what he'll charge for installation. Shouldn't be too much for a straight swap should it? (He said hopefully.)no smilies

Should be quite cheap, get a plumber to price you for boiler plus fitting AND fitting only. Had to sort out mum's a few years ago and we saved 500 by buying the boiler online and getting it fittedno smilies

Knowing my plumber he'd probably rather I bought the boiler so he doesn't have to faff about with smilies

That's good then. Just make sure he sits with you and selects the boiler and whatever bits you're going to need then, yoy don't want him moaning off afterwards that you didn't get the watchamacallitno smilies

we have a worcester celsia that is about 20 yrs old ,it has had some new bits ,pump/valves etc but still works

i dont know if the newer ones are as robust or easy to mend

from a bit of experience of many types a long time ago i recon strong and simple will outlast clever every timeno smilies
Ty Gwyn

Not Gas,but the Worcester Oil boiler her has done well for the 10yrs of being installed,with only a bearing needed fitting in that smilies
john of wessex

Valliant has an 'in house' repair service

Having said that my advice is never touch the things

Failing that get an electric shower & some alternative heating just in caseno smilies

Sorry for doing this, but can you tel us what sort of output you would like?no smilies

Just looked at the which reviews, Worcester Bosch pretty much clean up across the board.

I've got a weissman that I've been very happy with but its a big smilies

6 rads + hot water so not huge. The bloke who does my plumbing prefers Vaillant which seem to do OK in reviews/reliablility tests smilies

Worcester Greenstar range is good. Worcester overall are pretty hard to smilies

Valiant are rated smilies

We had a Worcestor combi oil boiler for years and it was very good - only problem with it was that in a hard water area the valve that swaps between water and radiators sometimes stuck - due to a bit of debris in the pipe. After several experiences we learnt exactly where to give it a tap to dislodge the debris and it was smilies

Another vote for Worcester Bosch Greenstar from me - installed ours ten years ago and never had an issueno smilies
wellington womble

Worcester all the smilies

very interesting that over 20 yrs we think they seem to have made reliable kit .

if we tell them we like them will we get discount ? :lol:no smilies

Only if we all decide to buy a new one at the same time and put in a bulk order :lol:no smilies


as they seem to last forever ...... :lol:no smilies
Nicky Colour it green

Worcester all the way.

my thoughts exactlyno smilies
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