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goose biology :-)

hi all

this year for xmas we opted for a local goose from a local butcher. we ended up with other plans for xmas day itself so said goose is now currently in the oven doing his best to make me say "yum!"

i've never bought or even eaten goose before so i was a little unsure what to do with the "extras" that were included in the bag. one item is clearly the neck and will be used for gravy making purposes, but i'm a little perplezed by the other bits of pluck...

presumably it's heart, lungs and what looks like two livers? do geese have two livers? they look yummy though, can i make pate with them? what about the heart and lungs? the dogs are hoping for one answer in particular from you all.... Smile

many thanks


The liver is in lobes so will be one liver in 2 bits Wink I save the livers from all the fowl over the year (duck, chicken, pheasant, goose-if we are lucky enough), freeze them then make pate when I have enough. The heart / lungs / neck / gizzard make the stock, then the dogs get them once cold.
Make sure you empty the goose fat often whilst cooking, keep it for roasties, it also freezes well Wink

Just finished extracting the innards of the one I bought for dinner this evening. Liver went into the stuffing.
Green Rosie

I've only ever found one kidney when gutting birds. Is it the case that they only have one or I always lose one or leave it in the bird?
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