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wellington womble


I've got about 100m of 20 foot hedging which is getting above itself. I was thinking of getting it laid (layed?) how much might I expect to pay and where might I find someone to do it? I have neither the time, equipment or skills to do it myself.

It's hawthorn, holly, blackthorn mainly. We can have bonfires for disposal of leftovers smilies

Try your local chapter of the BTCV? I would imagine they'd have their Winter schedule sorted by now smilies

the local agricultural college might need a venue for a class

in york there is a hedge laying club who do it for a nominal fee, maybe you have a local version.

that distance is probably 3 to 5 ( ed person days ) days worth for a proper job (depending on various factors such as width , size of "trunks" ,is it blackthorn? etc etc ) if you get a commercial layer so a few hundred quid at a guess.

if you do get a commercial person check references to make sure they do a proper planche and weave rather than a top and brash fill type job (a worse result than flailing can be achieved by a poor hand done job).

your fox hunter might have a chum who does such things or at least know who has had a good job done recently so as you could ask smilies

A neighbouring farmer will probably know who the local hedgelayers smilies

You could ask here:

A local arborist / good gardener might know someone.

Your council might, the local highways dept sometimes know hedge layers.

If you're in any form of special area then that organisation may be able to help.

If there's a local smallholder group they may also smilies
Ty Gwyn

500 plus,

Do get a local monthly free ads paper?
The one we get here has various trades advertising their work,including hedgelayers and smilies

Try your local chapter of the BTCV?

They've dropped the "B". Don't know smilies
Mistress Rose

If you want a proper job done, a professional can be found through the National Coppice Federation As Ty Gwyn says, it will probably be 500 plus though. I would also ask to see an example of a hedge they have laid as well.

If you get the Hedgelaying Society or (B)TCV to do the job, they will do it how they want, and you will have very little say in the matter in some cases, but you will get some sort of a job done for free or a nominal smilies
wellington womble

Thank you. I will have a look into smilies
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