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How to kill Himalayan Balsam

I was invaded by this stuff after a friend gave me some hazel saplings, freshly dug up, it must have come in then and I never noticed until Too Late! Now it's rampant. I pull it up all the time and stick it in old feed sacks to rot, but it's now gone beyond that. I try to catch it before it flowers, but they are like triffids and I swear they walk!
Apart from hard graft, anyone got any ideas? I know it's a shame, because the bees love it, but I can't go on like this.

Googling seems to reckon pulling it up is best. Glyphosphate will kill it too.

the seeds can last many years so best bet is to kill it before it flowers every year till no more germinates.

pull,squash or smother are effective.poison has issues but whatever means of death you use it will take a few years.

the seeds can last many years

2 years max apparently. But there are tonnes of them/plant so you need to be very aggressive/thorough with your weeding.
@Lowri is there a conservation group or similar near you who might be up for descending mob-handed on the problem?
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