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Lawn Mower Problem

Are there any lawn mower experts around?

My mower's developed a problem :(

It was backfiring and then dying out, but would start again after a few minutes, only for the same problem to happen again after another few minutes.

Now its just dying out without the backfiring. I took the air filter out, cleaned it and put it back in, still the same. Took the air filter out altogether... still the same.

I think its a fuel problem but wouldnt know where to start.

Can anyone help? Its a Honda Izy.

Thanks in advance for any help

:)no smilies

Try draining it and putting fresh fuel in. That's fresh from a garage, not fresh from a jerry can that's been hanging around the shed for three smilies

The fuel is fresh... :)no smilies

Oh well. That's the extent of my knowledge. Vegplot or RichardW are probably your men for this sort of smilies

Thanks for trying :)

It might be an idea to try changing the fuel anyway if nothing else seems to work... I'll wait and see if anyone else has ideas first smilies

Backfiring is a symptom of an incorrect air/fuel mixture and or ignition timing being out.

On lawnmowers the timing is often fixed (depending on the engine design) but some are adjustable. If the points (if it has any) may be worn and require cleaning/adjusting/replacing.

Check the carburettor first. If possible strip it down (get a service kit) and give it a good clean out. YouTube can be a good source of video "how to's" so it's worth checking there first. You'll then need to check the mixture (try this first just in case). There are normally two mixture control screws, one for idle and the other for running. Both are simple to set but refer to your manual (I count YouTube in this definition) for further smilies

If it was overfuelling wouldn't that show up if the spark plug was examined?no smilies

Sounds like the ignition timing to me but you could start with changing the spark plug and working backwards towards the points or ignition smilies

If it was overfuelling wouldn't that show up if the spark plug was examined?

Yes, it's a good indicator if you're familiar with the state of the spark plug when the engine is running smilies
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