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Little time wasters!

19 of them! I've never had so many chicks at one time. Very Happy

They are an assortment of silkies, LS/coroS and various levels of crosses of the two. The (10) pure sussexes are easy to pick out, as is a first generation cross cockerel (one), he's silver with a dark beak and pale stripes, but the others are a bit trickier. (There is only one sussex hen in with the silkies, so any non sussex silver chicks are males.) I think I have six pure silkies and two gold tops, the suspected pure silkies are an amazing range of colours and e alleles. There is one black, one blue, one lavender, and one eb (YESSSS! Cool Laughing ), and two wild types with bobble heads. Sad The other two I am pretty sure are gold tops, or gold topsxsilkie as they have very pale feet compared with pure silkies.

The real puzzle is how come I have blue and lavender chicks as I am pretty sure the only grey silkie I have is lavender! Confused And if she is genetically blue, where did the lavender come from? Is it possible it is actually recessive white, even though it is actually very pale grey? Confused

what colour is the father Rolling Eyes
Nicky Colour it green

colour is complicated in most species
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