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Duck eggs
Bird flu in Dorset?
Chickens that don't lay?
wow, wonderful mother nature
Do you flout the laws
What do you feed your chickens?
Organic Layers Pellets? where and cost?
We've got Ravens in the chicken run...
I'm getting chickens!!!!
Nesting box plans or detailed pictures?
Electric Fencing questions
Chicken Recommendations
Fab duck - a big thank you
Help ! Total beginners question.
Rats in the chook run...
Who's chicken?
Cat or a rat?
Keeping a goose for Christmas
Commercial sized Poultry arcs.
Egg bound chicken. Help please.
Geese - how much space?
Any quail egg producers fancy a TV appearance?
The Real Price
How can I make my chooks more snuggly...
My poor hen
New Bird flu case in Suffolk
It must be love....
Hen house plans
Capon for Christmas
Would you eat raw chicken eggs?
Smiths Sectional Buildings - any knowledge?
Dead Pigeons
My neighbour has offered me a cock
Mixing up chooks
Petition regarding Pig Farming
Do chickens have nine lives
Mixing large fowl and bantams
Your task for today.
Any one keep quail?
Supplier of organic/free range duck?
A rotten day.
The girls and boys say hello...............
Help - sick lame chicken - baffled
What's wrong with Doris the hen?
We have new girls!!!
plastic flap door for chickens?
Please sign up
odd hens and eggs!
Rare Greenbeaked Turkeys
Anybody else keep junglefowl?
Avocado Danger!
Print own egg box labels - new Poultry Software version
Went to the Melton Mowbray rare breeds sale on the 8th
Is it alright to feed my chooks toast crusts?
New Incubator
Egg output dropped dramatically this week!
Do you recognise this ailment?
Strange tiny egg
Our New babies
finally got some chickens
Have my chooks got worms?
anyone keep racing pigeons?
Is keeping chickens worth it?
fab bird
Wobbly Hen
Deeds to house say no livestock... what to do?
Keeping chickens
Turkey Chirruping
Bulk buy chicken feed
Egg peritonitis?
Pictures of the Chicks
pale egg yolks
what to cover a hen run with?
8 week chicks eating layers pellets?
First Time with Chickens - Should I adopt ex-Battery hens?
Yippee!! Battery chickens arriving!
Chicken nappies
what to use on the floor of my chicken run?
Broody vs incubator questions
Double yolker
bl**dy egg
Affordable Poultry software
leg rings - advice and recommendatins please
day two and the chicken has lost a claw :(
Red hard sac hanging out of my chicken - HELP!
Flubenvet advice
Poultry Keepers Software
Geese and the veg patch
cute little gosling
New hens needed
red mite
Light Sussex legs
ex battery hens
very sick chicken
Hens destroying eggs...
Can I give the chooks beer-soaked slugs & snails?
Hmmm...sick chook I think.
Seriously Suicidal Silkie
She's stopped laying :(
broody hen on nest - what do i do next?
Lost a hen
Oh hell!!....Egg eating.
Welsh Harlequin ducklings
Waiting list for rescue battery chickens!
B*st*rd Foxes
More Bird Flu - Its getting nearer
Straining Chicken
Cream Legbar's @5 weeks
Another chicken...
How much should I charge for selling my eggs?
Question on rotating the land for the chicken runs...
Chickens and Mint
Chicken dilemma
Hen help
has anyone got chicken rescues phone for west yorkshire ?
Magpies and chicken eggs
chicken assassin
Omlet Eglu for chickens?
question about where chikens lay thier eggs?
Aaaarrrgh - hen with hurty foot alert...
More beginners advice on cockerels and hens please...
Limping Goose
Sexing ducks
Goose Question
Bird flu in NW Wales & Cheshire - H7N2 strain
Beginers advice on keeping a cock please...
Anyone keep peafowl?
Egg pictures wanted
I need a house for my cockerel
would a broody hen accept a chick a few days old?
Huuuuge Egg!
Daft hen
how to look after hens when on holiday?
price of poultry at auction
Sexing a gosling
Red Mites - what does the damage look like?
chicken tractor
barbu d' Anvers for sale
Reintroducing chicks to their mother
Back garden Chickens- where to start?
How much land
Geese - I 've just done a terribble thing
Injured bird
Cold Eggs.
Converting shed to hen house. Advice please.
Hens eating their eggs
keeping chickens on an allotment
Ex- battery hens out and about.
The Arghhh Factor. Its that time of year again
Chickens and Hay
Another Poorly Hen
Red mite alert
Advice on this chicken house & run please
Poorly Hen
Buying an incubator for hatching Goose Eggs
foxes strikes again
lame leg
Home needed for pair of peacocks in midlands
Transporting geese
Chickens - Finding Your Stock/Sourcing Your Flock
How much should I charge for goose eggs?
Price Check
Ex-battery Girls Home!
Our annual go Arghhhhh ! picture. First clutch of the year
Hens need new homes
Pair of Ebden Geese looking for new home
Caught short hen?
A sad little warning
Chickens and Quail!
Chicken and Protein
any pigeon fanciers?
Jumbo Golden Quail Eggs For Sale
Rare Breeds on Shetland
Is it too early
Chicken Police
Advice on goose behaviour / breeding please
Comfrey for chickens
Four-Legged Duckling
Turkey eggs
Bm might get prosecuted
Brid flu interim report
Chooks and guinea pigs for sale
Who else is already feeling the pinch from AI
Goose Eggs
chickens. Everything must go
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