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Charcoal burners in Cumbria - pictures
Four days earlier than last year!
Metposts or equivalent
Self selling
Fence Shock!
quick question organic
Man, Digger and Dumper Truck - How much per hour?
Dodgy seed.
Boundary help needed
Getting rid of a wasps' nest, help please.
Sowing grass on a steep bank?
What is the best killer for spear thistle?
Is it time to cut the grass?
Hay storage ,self combustion
Hedge cutting time
Pond liner
Strimmer cable, which one?
Chain saw experts...
Solar electric fencing.
Wheelbarrow recommendations?
Any issues with widening gateway/cutting into hedge
Hybrid poplar
Frog spawn
Unseasonal garden activity
Cutting down leylandii hedges
hedge laying
Woodland tree nursery recommendations
Drainage :(
Ash dieback identification
a bit of good news
Can I sow grass now
Ribwort plantain
septic tank problem
Buying a woodchipper / shredder
Ground cover plants
How much is standing timber worth a tonne ?
Laying pipe
Too much plantain how to deal?
Will a compact tractor run a bailer?
Hedge height calculation
Green manure Question.
Bulk aggregate
Electric sheep netting
How Much Does My Tractor Weigh?
fencing across stony rocky pasture with little topsoil
Mower spares
Grazon 90
Water pipe fittings
What to do with leylandii woodchip?
Making a pond
Grazing license needed (scotland)
Horse manure for a hedge?
polytunnels & the council
Best mower?
Lawn mower
Solar electric fencing.
Using welded mesh on bank - durability and use questions
New hedging - what to plant?
Shredding hedge brash
So scything
Kubota B7100 help
Horse Logging Demonstration: Sheffield.
Bringing Home my Harvest of Firewood
Fence post recommendations
How much land would you want?
Repairing soil
Re-seeding a sand arena.
moss on drive
Do i need a seperate holding number?
Cutting back trees
Metal hole digging stick thingy
Thank goodness
Grass n' weeds
Excellent scythe sharpening video
Flailing hedges
Examples of farming without animals
A knock backwards for Agroforestry?
Buying a tractor.
Cut bracken question
You know you're doing the right thing when you see...
Lawn Mower Problem
Calculating drain diameter
lime versus slag - any experience?
Who's scything at the moment, and what are you mowing ?
Hut roofing
redneck hedge trimming
Laburnum wood
How long to make hay?
Planning Regs again.
Wild flower hay meadow and feeding
What Are You Charging / Paying For Hay This Year?
compost tea....
Old big or new little tractor?
It's Hay Making Time
Planning Regs,re Poly-tunnels and caravans.
Chainsaw and near Oxford?
clearing pondweed
Spraying nettles
Land Rover Advice
What type of Harrow
Willow source
Damage to hedges/trespass
2011 Scythe Events
is it worth being organically certified?
Hay Making Equipment For Small Tractor
filling a hole in a privet hedge.
Yellow grass.
Wobbly electricity pole
Rural Planning event - Cornwall
Poor drainage
Japanese Style Gardening.
How to increase height on current fencing
clay, wet, ditch, spring!
Which pole saw?
Fork this.
Cracking rat and mouse traps
splitting hazel?
May Need a New Chainsaw - Any Suggestions?
Log Splitters
4 bits of land to rent in Surrey.
Getting rid of trees (conifer or leylandii?)
Sycamore Problem
Garden Advice Needed Please.
Billhook - which one?
advice sought please
All I want for Christmas is a new road
Perhaps Sterlite Industries should be renamed Sterile
Planting Willow
Land areas
'Firewood' hedge (and sheep)
Vegan Organic Farming
Come one, come all to the wounded bunny party
Damn tree
Guineafowl and tick control.
Starting a hedge trimmer?
My nipples need lubrication
Cutting trees down
Hedge trimmer recommendations
Removing wire stples
Seawed as fertiliser ?
Badger cull - here we go again
Mattock ?
Advice on blade repair needed
Question for those who let grazing.
woodworm in our logs
Chainsaw Courses.
Grain Intervention Stores
Bracken for bedding?
burning stubble
Surviving Elms in Gloucestershire
Our pond is drying up!
Recommendation for ways to trim girls' bushes...
tying trees to posts
Allen Motor Scythe - help and advice wanted!
Harvest oats by hand, chance to have a go!
moving wild cherry trees
Comfrey, Or,how can I get rid of it!
Hemlock Water Dropwort
No grass just baked brown stuff
Scythe - which one, where to buy?
What material for retaining wall in garden?
Wooden gates
Daunted by the scythe of the tathk.
wooden compost bins
Grazing Pastures/Haying Fields
Does SBK kill bracken?
Last Chernobyl sheep monitoring restrictions lifted
Anyone know much about forklift trucks?
Small scale grain growing
Rectangular baler problem question
Brake spring bust
mowing with a scythe early in the morning
Rose roots question
Weedkiller methods???
Article on Sustainable Land Use
howard 700
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