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Using beebase
Fancy a beehive on your plot?
The Wonder of Bees. BBC4.
First Hive Inspection.
Hive orientation
Bee pub
Wasp nest
How did folk get on with top-bars last season?
start of the 2014 season
Gurung honey hunters
Swarm control in a HTBH.
Oxalic Treatment.
Stylish bee pic
Fungicides implicated in bee die offs.
Bees and Frontline
Not just the bees being affected by neonics.
Warre hive for a pressie
For bee kepers in Wales - and elsewhere
Wasp Traps.
Moving my bees!
Fungicides and CCD.
Thought this verroa related news story might be of interest
We are getting bees (updated)
Two swarms from one hive on the same day.
Chive honey
Plans for a National Hive please
Built a top bar hive, just got bees in it.
Reminder on hygiene...
Travelstained foundation
Bees for sale in Carmarthenshire
What is the world coming to
Prices for 2013?
Introduce yourself
I have bees!
EU to ban neonicotinoid pesticides despite no majority vote
Bees are the new chickens...
Cylindrical hive?
First inspection of the year
European Beekeeping Forum
Free Seeds for Bees
I`ve got my bee suit.
Thornes = Brilliant.
Bee suits.
B&Q and Wickes pledge to withdraw neonics.
New American study on neonics.
Dutch parliament motion requesting EU moratorium on neonics
Bee Hives.
Second hand hives on e-bay.
Soil association gives evidence to parliament
Top bar hives.
All dead
Buglife to take legal action against neonics.
Interesting research.
Save our bees petition please sign
Queen bee needed
How Much Honey..............
Conwy Honey Fair.
Bees and the clergy
recombined hive, decombining help
Serving the queen
Study on agrochemicals effects on nature.
The native black honey bee is alive & well.
Ground nest
Pollinator Action plan
Help needed
We've got bees.
Beek exams.... going for Intermediate next!
Another question
Just checked the Hives
Swarm - what to do? Sad Update
super laying
Siting bait hives
We have BEEEEEEEEEEEs Thanks Tav
Oi! Give me back the feeder
Books for bee-ginners
Anyone in Derbyshire want some cheap bees...
Beeswax/honey question...
Eeek! I've got a swarm....
Bumbles in a compost heap
Harumph to our Bees! Thinking about Queen rearing myself now
I've been on the 1st part of a bee keeping course today...
Canada to re-evaluate neonics.
I have an apiary.
Bumble Bee issues.
More information on varroa
Local Associations - what are they about?
Magpie eating bees?
A step closer to keeping bees
Anyone live near Fordingbridge? Swarms
A swarm has just flown by
swarm or mating flight?
Just did Prelim Beek Exam & Prac
Top Bars have arrived
Collecting a Swarm
Bees for sale.
Friends of the Bees launches Beekeeper Insurance
There not our Bees ..............
Bad sting reaction.
First Swarm of the year
Save Our bees
Book Recommendations
Hungry Bees
Mason bees
early swarm
Planning my first split - any advice....
Aberdeen sciencey stuff
We have beeeees!!
Starting MY apiary!
clostridium botulinum in honey
"tahir's" beek
Please act, now is the time.
Bee sting allergy query
Welsh Assembly booklets
Dennis vanEngelsdorp: a plea for bees
Normal chemical signature of beeswax?
Win win
New EDM to ban Neonics.
Sub-Lethal Effects of Imidacloprid Exposure on queens.
Beekeepers who will run courses in Ceredigion?
oxalic acid treatment
Lantra award
painting/staining hives
More news.
Zombie Bees
Bees to be privatised.
Evidence of sub lethal effects of pesticide exposure.
"New" use for honey
"Urban beehive" - interestign
Bayer To Remove Imidacloprid (Neonicotinoid) From Almonds
Crash in Utah
Can't believe my luck!
More damning evidence on neonicotinoids.
Gm news from the EU.
How do I "persuade" bees to leave?
Worcestershire Honey available
Exposed bee colony.
Almost over
bees and plums
Getting to the end of my first beekeeping year...
Bee House
Robbing bees
Selling on bees
Sub-Lethal Effects of Pesticide Residues in Brood Comb
Hive for sale, Nr Lampeter
Yay team!
A *big* thank you to Mr & Mrs Gythagirl
Italian beekeepers hunger strike to get neonics banned
Very agitated bees
B I.D.?
Working the Balsam & harvesting
Bee Wearing?
Lorry Crash spills 14 million bees
National frames in 14x12 Nuc box
Green Pollen
Old comb
Top Bar Hives nuc transfer
Where do I start?
where to place an Ashford feeder
TBH/warre and harvesting honey- how?
Nettle infusion in syrup increases brood rearing.
Burnley / E Lancs British black bee project
Is this my queen?
TBH Build question
An Introduction to beekeeping
wild bees
Swarmy day
Bumble bees.
help finding the queen please
Swarm collection
Swarm advice
Awkward lot...
Bee suits
10 excellent videos by Tom Seeley
Artificial swarming
Wanted - VERY small child's bee suit - any ideas?
Sale of bee hives and equipment - SATURDAY 18th June
rose bee hive
Bees don't like hail !
This is stupid BUT
Northern ireland bee keeping
Bee friendly plants and seeds
Wild Colony
West Wales Top Bar Hive beekeeping group!
bee keeping?
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