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over salty chilli vodka

Last year I tried a new recipe for chilli vodka. It looked interesting because it used salt and no sugar. I tried it the other night and found it to be far too salty. I'm reluctant to throw it away, and so far I can only think of using it in marinades. Does anyone have any suggestions?no smilies

In a bloody mary or a bullshot if you cut back on the other salty ingredients?no smilies

Thanks - but I should have said that I tried these .....

I was a bit stupidly na´ve to have slavishly followed a recipe found on line smilies

How much salt - to the bottle have you actually put in ?no smilies

Buy another bottle amd mix it together with some more chillino smilies

In a bloody mary or a bullshot if you cut back on the other salty ingredients?

that sort of thing seems sensibleno smilies

Buy another bottle amd mix it together with some more chilli

Quite so - but bearing in mind he might have put in an amount of salt which may need half a dozen or more bottles to dilute to acceptable levels - hence my question !no smilies

stroganoff seasoning ?

use frozen meat :wink:no smilies

re-distil it ! :wink:no smilies otatop

Thanks to all. I didn't save the recipe and I can't remember how much salt. I think that it would take another 2-3 bottles to make it drinkable - and I don't think I like bloody Marys enough to get through that much.
I do very much like the idea of stroganoff. Why frozen meat?no smilies

flambed as frozen strips avoids the inside drying out before the outside is browned and also prevents the "soggyness"that can happen if one browns at to low a temp to prevent the drying thing .

the story of discovering that trick is that chef the meat was all frozen (cold kitchen/russian winter)and decided that flambed in vodka might help get dinner ready on time .iirc times were a bit rough so waiting or missing dinner would have been extra bad .no smilies

Thanks for all suggestions. This is what I tried - and with great success (if I might say it myself!)

A couple of rump steaks marinated for about 4 days in approx. equal quantities of oil and said vodka with about a desert spoonful of crushed black peppercorns, a handful of chopped parsley, and 3 crushed garlic cloves. I pan-fried the steaks until slightly beyond bloody, then set them aside to rest while I reduced the (strained) marinade in the same pan with some beef stock. I sliced the steak into strips and tossed it into the sauce. It was really good with pasta.
I'm now playing around with an adaptation for smilies
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