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Pasta pasta pasta

Not very nice pasta at that. I order through suma and now have a lot of penne pasta including slow dried Sicilian organic whole wheat pasta (raises eyebrow) which no matter how carefully I cook it still tastes mushy and horrible. It should have been a bulk order of bunny shaped pasta, who wouldn't want that! Any suggestions for delicious recipes that will disguise it's generally gritty soggy texture?no smilies

Wholewheat pasta is bleeurgh, smilies

Unless you can turn it into some sort of slug bait I'd bin it.

As Tahir says: smilies
sean smilies

You can convert it to delicious meals by placing it inside guinea fowls, or chickens for several months, smilies

Eat my guinea fowl! Aside from that it is the best plan though. It was a bulk buy, they'll be eating it for years!no smilies
Nick smilies
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