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Got a spot of rust on me garlic - I had grown it in the polytunnel especially to prevent that happening. It was on a plant just by the door - spores must have blown it or something.
Luckily the plants are already quite big so should still get a reasonable crop (shouldn't have said that).

Does rust over winter on some plants? I was wondering if it survived on some of the wild things (weeds, etc) growing on the borders of my plot ?

Rust spores will survive in the soil, I believe

Just read here that you can treat garlic rust with gin! Painting the pustules with alcohol (use a brush) can control it (article on the Garlic farm site).

Also garlic doesn't like acid soils - we are definately on acid soil so this autumn i'll add lime before planting.

Don't know about using gin though - maybe i'll just drink it to toast the smaller crop Laughing

We used to get a fair bit of garlic rust when we gardened on chalky soil, so I doubt liming will help with the rust.

If you only have a patch on a single plant I'd just remove the plant or the leaf.
Mistress Rose

Had a really bad attack of rust on the garlic. I removed the leaves, but don't think they are going to do anything else, and as they were planted in the autumn, think it is about time to lift them anyway.
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