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Green Rosie

So I blog, I'm on FB and Twitter .....

.... and on here and a few other forums (sporadically). What other social network tools are there to promote small businesses such as ours?
Rob R

I have enough trouble keeping up with these, it's certainly better to stick to a few that are updated regularly than loads that you only visit occasionally. But then I've never managed to get into blogging, even.

I think it is tricky and you have to be careful you are not ending up classified as a spammer.

I have recently bitten the bullet with my free forums system and globally blacklisted spammers. no trial, no appeal and a lifetime banner for any email posting anything I see as spam. Being brutal is the only way of keeping matters under control.

I don't do anything else. I agree with both Rob and Jema - it's very hard to keep on top of it all. Although in my case the blog is more personal, rather than a business tool.

I think rifle-shot marketing is more effective than shot-gun marketing Smile

I noticed when looking at some of the stuff EV suggested on Twitter, it occurred to me that the company I am advertising with might have twitter, and they do. The use it to target offers to well over 1,000 people who must have an interest in a holiday in Wales. Nice to know if I arrange an offer with them, that they'll tweet it to so many people? The owner likes me anyway, I said nice things about them on my blog and he e-mailed to thank me Cool


Right, if you tweet @ him, then your tweet will go to all his followers, too, some of whom will then start to follow you if they think you are of interest. It's like a spider's web. The trick is to only 'follow' people you are genuinely interested in or who you think you can help with your business. Otherwise it starts to get spammy.

Remember, rifle. Not shotgun.

Quality is better than quantity...perhaps build up a loyal following and update regularly. One point to remember that the key is networking - two-way interaction. A lot of people on FB and twitter use it in a self-centred way which defeats the object IMHO.. Smile

Yes. If I was a famous tweeter (twitterer? twit?) then I would make sure I replied to people who weren't famous as well as ones who were.


I find Linkedin to be a useful tool. It's a good way of connecting with people with similar goals and cementing business relationships. There can be a lot of useful groups on there too.

Remember also that you can block people who you don't particularly want following you.

I find every now and then I get 'young ladies' who quite clearly have zero links with print/art/galleries and aren't friends following me, so I politely pop a block on them as I don't really want to be linked with glamour models/porn stars.


I let the young ladies follow me rather than block them. It does something for the ego.
Green Rosie

That's pretty much what I thought - I just wanted to check there wasn't some super duper new network that had missed me here in rural France - it took me a while to realise Facebook and Twitter might actually be useful to me. I am also on Linkedin (I'd forgotten) and every now and then I realise I have a pile of emails in my little used gmail account Embarassed

Its worth investigating tools like TweetDeck which make it easier to ensure that the same thing goes to both Facebook and Twitter without having to remember to post it in both places

I think the important thing with any social networking tools it to make it opt in, people view it far more favourably if they don't have to see messages if they don't want to but both twitter and facebook work that way so you are okay there

I find google adwords pretty good and rely a lot on rating for keywords in google. I have a blog linked to the webshop so that people can see there's someone around. Other than that I love twitter but, although I have a page, can't really get into facebook...

And then there was Google + which looks to be extremely well ordered with circles so that you can have one circle for immediate family, one for friends interested in salukis, one just for your boss alone Wink and have conversations in groups too.

It looks very user friendly which to be honest I wasn't expecting. Embarassed

An overview of functionality

Demo / walk through

Never really got the hang of Facebook and the idea of having image sharing with face recognition does not appeal!!

Here's an interesting link about google+ for business
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