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Spinning For Bass

I'm going spinning for Bass hopefully tomorrow night, I'll be using my carp rod and was wondering what lb line I should have on my reel? (it's got 15lb at the minute)
Also do I use a trace (snap tackle) as if I were pike fishing?



if the rocks are sharp 25 lb min
wire traces are robust but they are not too toothy .
wash freswater kit at the end of fishing
a sliding float to limit the depth the lure can sink is useful overweed or rough ground
bait can help
fresh macrel is a good bass bait (also spun sand eel )they will take other stuff and other fish will as well
pollack are ok bbqued Laughing

Your 15lb line should be fine . I peronally don't use a wire trace when spinning for bass or mackerel. I use a 7/8s of an ounce lure and find that I can cast this out between 60 and 80 yards with a fixed spool reel . I'll try and get some photographs of the lures that I've used succesfully.
I always look for the sand eels being in close and although I've mentioned the distance that I'm casting I more often than not hook up into the bass very close to the shore.

Well, the good news is that I caught my first ever Bass, 3 of em in fact Very Happy The bad news is that the biggest was only about 8 inches long Sad

My old man caught a nice 5lb one though so we didn't go hungry Very Happy

In the end I put 20lb line on and I reckon it's a bit heavy for spinning with my light carp rods so I'm putting the 15lb back on.
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