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TTouch Homestead

Stanley Superstar boiler range cooker

We removed this from the house when we went over to wood was regularly serviced and ran the hot water and heating for 12 radiators. It has two lidded hot plates, and oven and a warmer section. I think it is about 84000 BTU, cannot find the destructions to confirm that.

I had a fleabay buyer for it, who has decided to vanish into thin air.
Before he did, he very kindly informed me that Stanley's are sought after in Ireland as they are reliable and easy to repair etc. Not only that but a lot of second hand oil ranges are bought to be converted to solid fuel by removing a few bits and inserting a few others! Apparently this is done an awful lot over there, but I have to say I don't know the in's and out's of how safe it is. I do know that similar can be done with other range cookers, do I guess it is possible.

Anyhow, it is brown/cream and currently sat in our driveway - wrapped up like a very wrapped up thing-on a pallet. If we can get it moved it will go into our garage.

If anyone is interested, please let me know...

Buyer would have to collect though, or arrange pick up. We are down a lane that can be quite tricky with really large trucks, but to date all my larger purchases have made it including some pallet loaded trucks.

Any help?

At first google it *does* look as if your informant was correct - a lot of the info is Eire-oriented and they are called 'Waterford Stanley'.

I will ask around here TT.
TTouch Homestead

Thanks Cathryn Smile

Yes, Waterford Stanley is THE range to have over here and has been for decades. We have one ourselves, solid fuel which heats the house and water. Never switched on our oil heating once since we built the house in 2007.

So it's oil at the moment?

I could be interested. PM me if you have a price in mind...


do you still have this, i have a superstar and looking for a replacement hob - any idea of price?


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