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Thornhill Eco wood-burning cooking range

Has anyone come across the kitchen ranges from Thornhill Eco based in Canterbury? smilies
Mistress Rose

No, sorry. Looks interesting, but would need to compare it carefully with other cookers available. I am concerned that they only compare it with Aga, as there are a number of other cookers out there, some of which may be better than Aga, as as far as I recall, they have gone away from wood burning a bit over late smilies

im not familiar with such rigs but the spec looks sensible the ability to add a solar heated water unit makes sense for summer.

can you feed it 4 to 5 tons of dry logs per year?

can you re plumb the house or attach it to the existing pipework/ rads?

will it be too hot to use as a water heater/cooker in summer?no smilies
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