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Too much plantain how to deal?

hi all
My hay meadow has a lovely diversity of plants in it. It makes great hay and the sheep love it. However, over the last few years it has got infested with plantain (wonderful plant that it is) and I need grass, not plantain.

I have looked on tinternet and am struggling to find anything that could deal with it, When I say deal, I mean eradicate it so grass and other plants will grow.

Any ideas?

Grazon?, vinegar?

Alexno smilies

I thought this was going to be about the big, bananananaey type plantains. I love those: how could you have too much! :oops: :lol:no smilies

manure or fertiliser?
IMHO it would be a shame to eradicate the diversity with a herbicide.
Extra fertility might give the grass a boost so it can out compete the likes of plantain without eradicating it smilies

I have tried "goodness", to help the grass out compete it, but to no avail.
Out of an acre field, probably a third is plantain.

It has had chicken manure and, seperately, pure N.

Just keeps on spreading, and, of course, as it is a mowing field (my only) I keep the sheep out of it from Jan /Feb, so can't control it by close grazing eitherno smilies
Sally Too

Could it be a compaction issue.... I know plantain survives well on compacted smilies

Could it be a compaction issue.... I know plantain survives well on compacted ground.

Broad leaved plantain does. I was asuming this to be ribwort plantain, the tall one you can use the heads to fire at people. No idea how to get rid of it without killing off everything else smilies
Ty Gwyn

Sure sign of lack of fertility,

Like Tav mentions,Manure,FYM not Chicken,thats to high in N,
The land needs feeding,not smilies
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