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Trailer Insurance.

We have just had our insurance reminder . Trailer and discovery = 500 :shock: (NFU)
We can get the discovery insured much cheaper elsewhere,but we can`t find trailer insurance .
When not in use,its in a locked garage,with shoot bolts/normal lock,behind auto gates.
Any suggestions smilies
Paul Sill

I dont use them but a lot of farmers use Cornish Mutual instead of NFU, They do also cover somerset!no smilies

can you insure the trailer under household insurance as a specific item?

We use NFU for the cars, but not our trailer.

If you mean insured for when its attached to your vehicle...then you will need to declare to your insurance co that you tow a trailer.

Perhaps someone with a horsebox could offer a perspective on this?no smilies

Defender insured with Lancaster

Trailer insured with Four Counties

HTHno smilies
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