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Walk in Wonderwall for sale - stop those brassica massacres!

I bought one of these fantastic netting tunnels for the kitchen garden a couple of years ago:

I discussed it on DS at the time:

It protects all your veg from just about every pest on earth. It's been especially brilliant for avoiding Brassica Massacres has been absolutely wonderful. However, times have changed and my new life and newly re-arranged kitchen garden no longer requires the netting tunnel. I bought the 9m metre version and am now offering it for sale for 170 (plus courier costs - or you can collect) which you will see is effectively half-price.
Sizes and prices brand new:

I can certainly recommend them - they even work in windy places - which is why I bought it in the first place. I still have all the original instructions. The only damage in two years of use is that one of the hoops broke off at the end leaving it a few inches shorter that the others - but it does not affect the overall structure in any way.

It is all taken down, folded up and the hoops etc taken apart ready to be transported. If you are interested, please PM me for further details.

Sold to TTouch Homestead! Very Happy
TTouch Homestead

Very Happy am looking forward to seeing the crows and magpies try and help themselves after this goes in- sodding critters...
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