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Running Away to Sea

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Radio 4 Monday 11:00 All at Sea
1/2. Running Away to Sea

In Jane Austen's day it was said that every family in Britain had a relative at sea. Today, the Merchant and Royal navies have shrunk and we live in an age of 'sea blindness'. People look out to sea and fail to connect the smudge on the horizon with the bananas in their fruit bowls.

In this 'Year of the Sea' the nation has never been less aware of her island status and of the curious, dislocated lives of her seafarers. Libby Purves finds out how this challenging life has changed for those at sea today. And how young people who have grown up in an individualistic culture where they can constantly question authority, learn to accept the discipline of life on board ship.

On a vast modern ship, life can be lonely and dull. But the sea still calls some young people, despite its risks and demands. Ashore and afloat, from the Solent to Sullom Voe, Merchant Navy cadets and officers accompany Libby Purves on her exploratory voyage down the years .

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