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Sami of the Future

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PostPosted: Sun Mar 27, 05 10:05 am    Post subject: Sami of the Future  Reply with quote    

Radio 4 Mon-Fri 15:45 Sami of the Future
1/5. The Reindeer Herder's Daughter

Scottish poet and writer Kenneth Steven meets the Sámi, the indigenous people of Northern Scandinavia, who are fighting for their future. They may no longer live as nomads, they may use skidoos and helicopters to round up the reindeer, but once threatened with extinction they now have a Sámi parliament, schools, a National Theatre, their own international pop stars and growing self-esteem. This is a positive story, and maybe a road map for the future of indigenous people worldwide with whom the Sámi have bonded.

Inga Ravna Eira was born and brought up a nomad. She was a Sámi and as a child she lived in a lavoo (a tipi) with her family, following a herd of reindeer across the tundra of Northern Norway. In the summer they would move to the coastal fjords and at night her father would tell stories, her mother would sing, and the children had the freedom to play freely with the animals and around the tipi. At the age of seven everything changed.

The Norwegian government took her away to a boarding school where she wasn't allowed to speak her language, Sámi, where her name had to be changed to a Norwegian name, and where her parents were hundreds of miles away.

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Funny how Sandanavian Countries have this reputation for being a bit more "advanced" but when you scrape beneath the surface you find a lot of the same old horror stories

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