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drunk_nik wrote:

Sort of agree with Vegplot here, at 2.125 moles per 8.33gallons (trusting Cab's calcs here - they look fairly accurate though)

They may SEEM accurate, but they were all done in the head, and by an innumerate biologist so take 'em with a pinch of NaCl.

you're only at about a 0.06M solution - you could quite easily allow the hide to drip dry, then leave to wash out in the river without doing any ecological damage. (So I agree with the no need to neutralise - but not the not washing out in the river.)

That said I was a physical chemist - the most dangerous chemicals I ever got to play with were water and sand (god knows how I got a thesis about solar energy and Hydrogen fuels out of them!) - so I'm probably not an expert in what will or will not damage an ecosystem.

60mM NaOH (I didn't do that sum, but sounds about right) will still leave your fingers feeling all soapy. I'd not worry overly about pouring a wee bit in a well flowing river, but I'll wager that it would be illegal to do so.

Why is there never an environmental chemist around when you need one?

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