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bad/late payers.
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PostPosted: Fri Jul 25, 14 4:08 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

This all points to my 'man' who does my L Rover servicing to being a really good chap, he only gives me a bill when he wants his money, and then I pay it. Usually 12 months!
I should have added that I find the worst payers to be horse folks, one owes me a paultry sum of about 150 spread over about 5 years-'Can I have them here for a bit longer,as I am away next w/e?'; and 'I'm nearly ready, just got to put the gates on the new stable'; and 'I am taking a late hay cut, waiting for the baler';and the classic 'I have no grass available yet can I keep them here another week?' The next one still owes me 200, just got no money-well enough for the pub, the worst is that she and hubby are both on benefits, with a 4 wheel drive motobility car, he suffers from stress-poor boy-when she does cough up its like getting what I have paid in to the system back! The one that stopped me doing the job paid the first month up front and no more-so he owes 250! I now give the organic hay away, and to someone who really appreciates the gift. I would like the 600 owing, but they can't look me in the eye and I just smile. Even though I am not rich by any standard I've always paid my way, working on the principle that if I can't afford it now, I don't need it till I can afford it. This has never applied to my houses as I could afford a mortgage!

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PostPosted: Sat Jul 26, 14 1:09 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Rob R wrote:
Unless it's a significant amount worth going to the small claims court, I would just write it off and refuse to ever work for him again. Life is too short.

diito in most ways

even if it is quite a lot dump em and let em worry what might be next .

the odd deniable nudge can add to the fun

recover the cash (or whatever restitution is required)if poss but it should not be the priority .
an eternity of worry for them is worth quite a bit to you long term and is both cheap and easy to do:x sometimes do nothing is very scary.

a bad customer is worse than no customer but if a bad ex customer can be made to be good(or you have fun with them)they are an asset when dealing with other situations even if only you know what happened

business the mafia way ,lesson 421 b

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