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Polytunnel ?
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wellington womble

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 15, 16 8:50 pm    Post subject: Re: Polytunnel ?  Reply with quote    

Nick wrote:
Bodger wrote:
It looks as though we're going to be getting a poly tunnel this summer. Its seventy something foot long and I want to split it into two smaller tunnels.
We live on a four acre smallholding and my intention is to grow produce for our own use and to sell any surplus.

I've tried to get in touch with our local planning authority but can't get to talk with any of them without putting in an application. I'm fairly certain that I don't need planning permission to erect a tunnel but can't be a 100% certain. Has anyone got any experience of this sort of thing?

Doing a bit of reading it looks like you probably will.

If you have it in your garden, you probably won't. If you put it outside the garden, you probably will, because you're eating the produce, so you're actually changing the use, from agricultural to domestic. If you're selling stuff, then you don't need change of use, but it will probably need permission.

If you were larger, you could get it under permitted development, but you'd need to be more than twice the size.

All this from here. It could be baloney, of course, BUT, your council offers free advice, so fill out the form, and check.


This is what I have concluded, after a lot of ferreting around. It's also why I abandoned my plans for one, as the change of use is caused a huge kerfuffle here before, and I don't want to poke the nest again.

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