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it is usually sheep that

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PostPosted: Sun Mar 08, 20 9:29 am    Post subject: it is usually sheep that Reply with quote

are creative in finding ways to be dangerous and expensive.

i have heard of fires from electrical faults caused by corrosive gasses and then fuelled by bedding and flammable gasses in industrial pig units but an electrical fire in a field is rather imaginative on porky's part.

my serious point is the way it happened, ie they say copper + dung+bedding+moisture was enough to ignite the stuff
i find that a bit hard to go with, it seems more plausible that the battery was involved.
however if they are right and i have a lot of confidence in fire investigators it does add another never to standard operating procedures.
ie if you drop a copper fitting or whatever in a pig pen retrieve it no matter what as it may well be more dramatic than a choking hazard if it emerges from hiding in its own time.

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