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PostPosted: Mon Jun 03, 24 6:50 am    Post subject: woof Reply with quote

bad breeding

this is posted by a werewolf and a pack of ancestor mutts

we all have hybrid vigour, we all have "issues", none have known issues designed in

some of you lot met a few of us

we have never been impressed with arranged marriages based on looks, and "normal for kennels" is very wrong

most of us have traceable lineage, it has a variety of genes in it, often it was our ancestor's choice with human permission(grrrrrr), sometimes the humans were upset

yellowhellhound x posh Weimaraner. via a kitchen window gave some very special pups to the world D

i was less assertive and more charmingly persistent in several countries, S

human altered brothers, hummph, us wolves are nice steady folk R

this lot know how to work for a princess K

my gran was a fugee from a lab B

oh well, we hope humans start considering mutts as equals(we are not, we are better than them) and stop distressing forced breeding for characteristics we would just be kind to and hope they could be useful for their short time with us

thanks the mutts

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