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"special "compost

i recon with a bit of practice it would be quite easy

i would have no objection to being composted

using mixture as a starter and adding any bones to the mixture tub would speed things up a lot

Kevin Costner narrowly escaped being composted in Waterworld if you remember that...

Probably will come to us all if soil erosion/destruction carries on as it is currently. Sad

Not allowed to bury fallen stock in the UK anymore as I understand it. Though there is, I believe an exception with new born dead piglets; I think you have to cover each one with a form of lime in a deep pit. Someone on here will know if that is right.
Composting fallen stock or humans would be a wonderful way of returning nutrients to the ground. Muck spreading with a digger!
Mistress Rose

I understand during the Irish potato famine people were travelling quite long distances to graveyards as the nettles grew well there.

Mrs Spade. Genius.

Mrs Spade. Genius.

i was too polite to mention that but it is a good un Laughing
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