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'Solar' Paint

How cool it this? Extracts Hydrogen from damp air.
Obviously questions about parcticality/scaleability but pretty amazing potentially.

That's very cool.

I wonder what the plan is to keep the hydrogen and oxygen separate? Then tend to prefer to stick together, and like to recombine with some force when in proximity.....

after a quick look at the linked abstract it seems both h2 and o2 are released from the same part of the system ( it neglects to mention it would be 2 h2 ) ie the paint surface

a rather interesting fuel * to try to use although as feed for a fuel cell leccy generator it might have some promise.

the engineering side of things is lacking although the grab water vapour and split it photochemically stuff is rather fun it isnt a viable energy source at the mo.

* once mixed , as this feedstock is, 2h2+ o2 is quite dynamic after it's lowish activation energy is reached Rolling Eyes
Mistress Rose

I think it is this property of molybdenum sulphide that has just been discovered, or does this just happen when mixed with titanium dioxide? A bit short on fact, and as you say Dpack, needs a lot more development to make use of the hydrogen. Interesting and potentially very useful though.
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