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'Sprigs' of cranberries?

I wanted to make some 'frosted fruit' for Christmas cake decorations, after watching Kirstie's Homemade Christmas today.
She had rolled (what looked like) cranberries in sugar after coating them in egg whites, and they look all frosted and cold.
I think they look beautiful, and I'm just wondering if I can buy 'sprigs' of cranberries, to do this with, or if not, what other small/delicate fruits I could use?

I don't think cranberries grow in sprigs, and I can't think of anything that would be in season now that does. Blueberries you could get, but again they aren't spriggy.

Hmmm, I suppose it doesn't really matter if they're 'spriggy' (lol) or not. I'd just like to try something different and I think frosted fruit looks gorgeous Very Happy
Any suggestions? I wanted to do some orange segments, grapes, cranberries, and maybe some raspberries? I like purple-y, red-y with a bit of green in there Smile

The only red fruit in sprigs that comes to mind is redcurrants?

Which you won't be able to get from the branch at this time of year

I was just thinking that, but bearing in mind most of these programmes are made months in advance, they probably shot it in July/August and there would have been redcurrants Rolling Eyes

They probably though no-one would notice!!!

You could frost fresh cranberries, but they wouldn't be edible. Raspberries would be too wet...


small purple grapes is about all I can think of that you'd get to look like you're aiming for - but these days all you'll probably to be able to get are the big over sweet and watery things

( think is was redcurrants Kirstie used)

Kirsty tried her hand at felt making the other week - Chrispystix came in and told me that I probably wouldn't want to watch it but as it was felt related I might fancy a rant..

Totally useless - didn't give anyone the slightest hope of starting out in felt making Mad

and while I'm at it wasn't she gilding pears last Christmas?

What a waste Twisted Evil
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