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.22 buying advice

I already have a SC, which bizarrely is also an FAC over here (unless the rules have changed for everything since I moved over)

Anyway, I've decided to get a .22 rifle as there is loads of rabbiting to be had and arranging to go with friends who already have one limits my opportunities for a quick trip if the mood takes me.

I have to put a deposit on a particular rifle before I can apply for it on the FAC, then they hold it until the approval comes through. So before I go to the local gunshop, what do I need to look for in a good non expensive rifle?

You could not do better than a CZ 16"-barrel 'varmint' rifle. I've had headshots at 100 yards with one.

Mines a 16" CZ452 Silhouette with factory cut moderator thread and plastic stock. Nice little rifle bought from South Yorkshire Shooting Supplies. Mine cost 290 a couple of years ago but prices have gone up recently.

If you can find a nice BRNO Model2, virtually the same as the CZ452, but possibly built better!

AND they are significantly cheaper....I have one cut down to 14 inches (would have had neaer 12 but the guy at Rolls Royce was having issue with his lathe!!!)
With a SAK moderator, it shoots thumbnail groups at 50 yards. and is nice and light (the varmint barrelled ones are heavier).

Not sure at 100 yards, need to try that Laughing

Picked up a nice & cheap cz452 (american) stock and transplanted my action into it, bedding the action and free floating the barrel at the same it looks almost identical to a cz452!! Wink


BRNO Mod.2 here too !!!

1000`s of rounds, never cleaned, barrel has had to be camo-taped over as it was silver, cost 20 @ auction (with a Leupold scope on it) and still rolls over bunnies at silly ranges Very Happy

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