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12 hours to go

And I'll be the newest chicken keeper on Downsizer.

Having cut more chicken wire than I care to ever cut again and fastened hundreds of cable ties the run is now ready.
The coop is ready.
I'm ready (As I'll ever be)

Ooooooooooooooooohh! Very Happy

think like a fox and make any necessary adjustments Wink

chooks are ace ,enjoy

I've got a nearly 2 foot skirt all around the run which I'm hoping will stop foxes being able to dig in.
Might have to get the air rifle down from the loft though Very Happy

air weapon perfect for rats ,foxy need trap or ar16 or similar

air weapon perfect for rats ,foxy need trap or ar16 or similar

I was meaning for scaring rather than shooting! Twisted Evil

that is good ,foxy deserves a kind death if needs be,thing is they dont really scare for long if they are hungry ,good mesh helps as does electric fencing but traps never sleep

I know of more than one pestie that despatched cage trapped foxes with a. 22 air rifle.

Humane killing of foxes
Snared foxes must be killed quickly and hu
manely by a shot at close range
from a rifle, shotgun or pist
ol. A .22 rim fire rifle or
a shotgun is suitable. Air
weapons must not be used,
as they are not suffici
ently powerful.

badly pasted from the defra regs pdf here

Have you got them yet ? Very Happy

I do Smile

I'm already thinking chickens are basically mental

Here is a pic of 3 of the 4 girls settling in yesterday.

Ty Gwyn

And Warren`s they be Scott.

And Warren`s they be Scott.

They're not Warren's, they're mine! Laughing

Yeah, I think maybe I should go to bed now Smile

nice one,
keep us informed how you get on

now i'm living next to a building site i think it will be to much of a disturbance to get some yet

Lovely looking birds.... Very Happy SandraR

They look super Smile dpack

chooks are ace ,they can seem a bit "odd"but they are adjusting to being small domestic dinosaurs .given another couple of million years they will be brewing tea and playing the saxaphone. Lloyd

whilst riding a unicycle and playing bagpipes. Laughing DorsetScott

Well one week in and I'm pretty sure I've experienced attitude from the chickens Very Happy
They decided that the nest box was a better sleeping location to the perches, so last night I blocked it off with a thick piece of card which I removed first thing in the morning.

Every single chicken walked in the coop last night, then came back out, looked at me, made a disgruntled chicken noise as if to say, "oi, you, food bringer, what the bloody hell do you think you're playing at?" and then went back in.

I love them Smile


Right. you currently have four and how big a garden? Wink


Right. you currently have four and how big a garden? Wink

Very Happy I am seeing why they are addictive, I'm already wondering how I can extend the run or get a better coop to increase the flock. But it'll just be dreaming for now

Keep to what you have but try and make it so that you can move them to fresh ground now and then. DorsetScott

Yeah, I think for fairness sake it'll be just the 4 for a good while.
They currently have a 6'x13' walk in run with a coop inside it.
Once they're settled they'll be let out to free range when we're in the garden. Though given how high I've seen one of them "fly" with a clipped wing I'm starting to wonder whether they will be able to hop a fence given half a chance. Shocked

Start planning now what you're going to do with 20 eggs a week. DorsetScott

Start planning now what you're going to do with 20 eggs a week.

We get through 12 a week atm and don't have more than that because of cost. The rest will be given to friends/family or sold to colleagues to cover the cost of feed etc.
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