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15mm pipe...

A have a load of 15mm copper pipe in the shed that I wombled from a job. Decided to start a project with it today... discovered that it's BS 2871 15mm copper pipe and not BS EN 1057:1996 15mm copper pipe, so of course it doesn't fit the unions...

Sorry, just wanted a bit of a rant. Twisted Evil

I am minded to make some comment about the EU, but I fear the Poe. Sad
Mistress Rose

Fun when you are renovating an older house and you have to get imperial and metric bits to fit. I believe there are still adaptors available to get from one to the other, so use the BS for most of it and connect to the BS EN only where you need to.
Ty Gwyn

Changing the olives in compression fittings on 3/4 and 22mm works,never had to try the 1/2 to 15mm,but I presume a plumbing supplies would stock something,one is hardly going to plumb the whole house just to place another tap.

never had to try the 1/2 to 15mm...

If it was 1/2" to 15mm I'd accept it, but 15mm to 15mm not fitting is simply irritating.
Is not important and if it was I'd find a way: could probably sand down the pipes or grind out the unions, it is pretty marginal.
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