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2 goats needing a home...

Never thought I'd post about goats, but we've just got back after being away for a while to find my neighbours' landlord has just served notice on them (prior to the house being repossessed I think) and they have to be out in 2 weeks from now. They have a mother/daughter goat combo they can't take with them to their next rental property and are very upset. They've phoned round animal shelters but all goat-heavy atm.
They're nice goats, friendly, but don't ask me what they are, just normal-looking goats Embarassed about 5 & 3 years old who have done a good job on the rough bit of ground they've had. Oh and they're in Somerset.

Not holding up much hope but I said I'd ask around...

(and no we don't have room for 2 goats before anyone suggests that..!)

Have they tried Ferne Animal Sanctuary?

Have they asked Chez? She likes goats and always has room for more animals.

Chez, I'll check but I'm sure they will have rung Ferne.

Nick, I'm not involving Chez Smile

*biting tongue*

I've sent her a text. If you can fit them with Goofy masks, she will take them.

I can't believe I count you lot as friends.

I haven't said anything about the state of our lawn Wink

On a serious note, do they not have any rights as sitting tenants? Two weeks notice is horrifying.

I thought that. I'm not sure they can sell it out from under them.
stumbling goat

May help the tenants find their rights, if any?


re the repossession i have been in that position.i moved into a house and within 2 days had a bailiff seeking possession as the "owner" had not paid the mortgage(which was not a buy to let but a domestic one,he had not paid several others and eventually did time for these).

the bailiff was very understanding and reported back to his masters.
i took legal advice.paid the rent into a deposit account which i eventually paid to the mortgage holder.

it was all a bit complex but i got 5 months to find a decent place.
i did have a very good case against the chap for damages but as he had nowt it was no use to chase him for a bunch of cash he did not have and his other creditors had prior claim on anything he might get in the future.

i tracked him down to where he was laying low and after tormenting him (psyops is fun) a bit handed his new address to his creditors Twisted Evil

the geezer was a scumbag and never realised how lucky he was to only get a bit of jail time.

your pals should be able to gain enough time to make their move in some sort of sensible way.

Ignore him Chez; I promise you won't find 2 goats tethered by your summerhouse when you return from Disney Wink

Re my neighbours, they've had the legal amount of notice but they'd spoken to the landlord (who used to live in the house) about buying the house and had had a verbal agreement that he'd sell it to them - they'd been saving madly for the deposit and would have bought it towards the end of the year, so when the letter came through it was somewhat of a shock.
They were beyond furious when they showed the letter to him and he waved airily and said oh yes I've known about that for ages.

They were very much hoping to find another house locally where they could take the goats & I think that's why they hadn't tried to rehome them earlier.
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