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20-year vision for sustainable fisheries

Tuesday 2 October 2007 13:01
Department for Environment, Food And Rural Affairs (National)

20-year vision for sustainable fisheries

A 20-year vision to help fishing communities and businesses prosper, safeguard fish stocks and protect the marine environment has been unveiled.

Fisheries Minister Jonathan Shaw today (2 October) published Fisheries 2027, the government's long-term vision for a sustainable fisheries sector to optimise economic and social benefits for society from commercial fishing and recreational angling while protecting marine life and habitats.

Fisheries 2027 envisages more joined-up, flexible and responsive management of fisheries to address the effects of climate change, and predicts that better-informed consumers will demand more variety and more local, environmentally-caught seafood in future.

Jonathan Shaw said:

"We want to get the best possible long-term benefits for society from fisheries.

"We need a healthy marine environment to protect rare and vulnerable species and habitats. That means more environmental protection, and harvesting the sea's resources in a responsible way.

"We want to see coastal communities boosted by more jobs providing high-quality fresh fish, helping to maintain the character and identity of ports throughout England.

"We are still catching too many of some types of fish, and the greatest negative impact on the marine environment is unsustainable fishing. More needs to be done to safeguard stocks and to secure a sustainable future for businesses throughout the supply chain."

Defra will be discussing a draft implementation plan, also published today, on how to achieve the vision with people throughout the sector with the aim of publishing a shared plan next year.

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20 year? It'll be 20 yrs before they decide anything, the seas'll be drained by then

The wholesale price of Cod has more than doubled in the last twelve months. Tricky for a chippy to convince people that fish and chips shouldn't be a cheap meal though.

sean wrote:
Tricky for a chippy to convince people that fish and chips shouldn't be a cheap meal though.

Yeah, dunno how they'll ever get over that, they may not manage it in which case RIP chippy

Me and the Cadbury's workers Going down the pan together.

I noticed our Fish and Chips have gone up, 3.20 for a generous portion. There's a school nearby so they make a bit on chips and other fried products though.

Sounds as though he's gearing up for that election.

We have a system that forces the few fisherman that the UK have to dump tons and tons of dead over quota or under size fish every year.
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