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2009 and aims for 2010

Having finally persuaded BT to finally accept my money and put broadband on at the new house, after weeks of arguing, I can get round to reviewing my 2008 and 2009 kayak fishing aims and setting some for 2010.

I failed in 2008 to achieve any of the aims for the year, which were:

1/ To catch my first bass off the yak - did try for them in a few plas in 2007 but failed to catch one.

2/ To catch my first tope (I managed my first smoothie in 2007, which has given me the appetite for bigger fish)

3/ To catch my first double figure fish off the yak - I guess huss tope conger or smoothie are the likely targets.

2009 was a bit more successful, but it took a house move down to Aberaeron
and a trip out with local bass veteren Nifty off Anglers Afloat website to guide me onto one of the local marks down here (see report in reports section). I tried for some early tope around Tywyn and back on Anglesey but never attempted them from down here, and was too occupied with chasing the bass to try to bottom fish for bigger stuff.

After spending the majority of 2009 working silly hours in a new job and moving houses several times, I am hoping that I will have a lot more time (and banked holiday days) to get out on the kayak in 2010. So aims for 2010 are going to be:

1/ To target bass off the yak to try to beat my 2009 pb of 4lb

2/ Target the thornies again off TY Croes once they appear, to try for a double figure fish off the kayak

3/ Target the tope and smoothies off Anglesey and down here in west Wales to get my first tope off the yak and beat my 9lb pb smoothie off the yak.

Going to buy another (smaller) tandem yak for the family early in the new year, so that I can get the wife and young Jac out fishing in the summer months and explore some of the hidden coves down here.

Forgot to add to my list - learn to fly fish - have bought a house thats only a field away from the famous river teifi, and have bought myself a nice saltwater fly rod and reel last July - plan to learn how to use it then target the bass from a very nice deep shelving shore mark I found last summer down here

In the meantime whilst the ice is thawing outside its time to overhaul the fishing gear and make a new anchor system up ready for the new year.

Happy kayaking and fishing in 2010!

Fishing wise I'm hoping to have time for some beach fishing. And I also plan to spend some serious time at my local trout river.
Iggle Piggle

Hi folks,

I have started tieing my own flies, so will be hoping to lure some brownies to my home made dries & nymphs next season.

Was going to go out on the 29th for Gayling but looks like the snow melt will make the rvers unfishable Crying or Very sad

Can I count 'planning to eat more fish' to 2010's list?
mihto santa

Need some serious snowmelt up here before I even start considering the option...

Thanks for reminding me to take tomorrows trout dinner out of the freezer Wink

*Promise to self for 2010: finish those 50 dinners still left in the freezer before new season starts*
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