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3 Braces of pheasant


I got the lovely surprise today to get pheasants through a friend that knows blablabla ..

They were shot on monday nice and clean, have been hanging since then in a cold shed .. unplucked and ungutted.

Now I am planning to prepare them tomorrow, most probably plucking and dressing 2 of them and freeze for roasting later, and skin and joint (taking breast and legs) the other 4.

Does that sound like a good plan or is it a crime to skin them ? It will save me gutting them ... and will be used for a slow cooked stew french style, like a coq au vin.

Pictures will follow tomorrow but any ideas welcome.

Penny Outskirts

I don't pluck them anymore, I just skin them, much easier, never really liked pheasnat skin.
chicken feed

Wink we skin ours too

We cooked this really tasty recipe at the weekend.

Skinned as well. Smile
Penny Outskirts

Pheasant Breast in Black Pepper Sauce

I do this one:

One Pheasant Breast per person
a rasher of back bacon or two streaky per breast
Red wine
Freshly ground black Pepper

Wrap the breasts in the bacon, give them a good grinding of pepper then fry gently turning occasionally, until the bacon is well browned and no blood runs from the breasts. Keep giving them a quick grind of pepper as they cook.

Remove from pan and keep warm.

Turn up heat and pour in some wine, difficult to say how much, go with your instincts. Reduce the wine until it starts to get thicker and sticky, and then add as much ground pepper as you want. I add loads until it's really hot and spicy Smile

Stir in cream to taste, I just keep adding it until the sauce looks a nice colour, tastes nice, and is thick but still runny.

Really nice with game chips, and a green seasonal vegetable.

slow stewed with roots happy3

Pan-fried breasts filled with a bacon, thyme, apple and walnut stuffing and gravy made with the pan drippings and calvados. Mmmm.

I usually pot the legs.

I only use breasts & legs, so no plucking & dressing here!

Kentish Pheasant Pudding (feeds 2)

Suet pastry made with 8oz flour

2 pheasant breasts, sliced
2oz ham, diced
1 med. onion, sliced
Few mushrooms, sliced

Line your pud. basin with the pastry. Put the other stuff in in layers. Season & pour in stock. Seal up with pastry lid. Cover with greasproff.

Steam for a couple of hours.


Fall over.
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