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4 bits of land to rent in Surrey.

Just sharing this info,

I have received some details from Chesterton and Humberts today with 4 pieces of land to rent for agriculture or horses.

13 acres at Ashford

7.5 acres at Carshalton

1.7 acres at Blindly Heath

1.9 acres at Bramley.

I suggest you contact the agents directly. Their number is 01730 245245.

shame i wernt close to ashford lol

They deal with allover the uk. you could call and ask?
Rob R

Strictly speaking, can it be for agriculture or horses? I mean wouldn't it need planning approval for horses that weren't agricultural?

there are three choices of contract available on all four bits of land. The farmer tenancy, the business tenancy and the sole use/personal one. So, you can choose which one you want and offer on that basis.
Rob R

And presumably you'd be responsible for gaining the planning permission if you did go for horses, then.

When I spoke to council planners I was told you don't need change of use for grazing horses provided you didn't ride them in the field.
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