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4 oven Esse Fairy

Um not sure this the right forum but it is sort of about recycling. I've been offered a 4 oven Esse Fairy. It's a handsome old beast but in need of considerable renovation work. I want to save it but I need it to provide hot water and heat 3 rads as well as cook food from time to time. Does anyone know if these cookers are up to the job I need it to do. say no but then i figure they might just be trying to sell me a new cooker...I;d appreciate information from anyone who has experience of this particular cooker.


Penny Outskirts

Sort of re-use too Smile,

Don't know anything about them personally, but hopefully someone will come along and answer your question.
Dee J

Googleing brings this up who claim to refurb Esse Fairy cookers. Picture on their website looks good. If the main castings are intact (no big structural cracks) and the original enamel finish is good enough then theres hope. Boiler will probably need replacing, but getting something welded up from steel plate shouldn't be a problem. Firebars and riddler mechanisms can always be fabricated. Good luck


Is it an anthracite stove? I have lived with one of those for over 30 years, but just about to remove it. I have refurbished it several times over the years and am quite familiar with the cooker. It will certainly cook, but it will not be able to heat three radiators to a very high temperature, probably just background heat. If it was in really good condition and you ran it flat out, it might get them hotter, but not a very efficient way of doing it. It will burn about 1 bag of anthracite (50Kg) a week....which is quite expenisye. Last I bought was about 16. You need really good quality anthracite for best performance. Main items which will fail.
1 the bottom grate, but these can be fabricated from steel.
2 The firebricks...more of a problem to replace, because they are custom designed for the cooker, but it's possible to cut firebricks to fit, then use fire cement.
3 The has a thermal block on the bottom of it. Basically, it's a huge chunk of cast iron, but it regulates the burning fave of the coal, so with age, it burns away and the fire doesn't burn properly.
Having said all is a fantastic cooker, built to last a lifetime. I think the one I have is probably about 50 or 60 years old. Unfortunately...they don't last forever.

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