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a close rellie?

i spotted this beautiful beast in the reports of the UAE hunting show photo linky and there is a striking family resemblance to my "mistress"

i will enquire if it is a rellie but by any standards that is a stunning beast, a perfect example of what a saluki should be.

the kennel club have very much missed the point when it comes to dog breeding, the one here is probably a nice mutt and all that but it isn't a saluki as we know them.
Ty Gwyn

That last one looks more like an Afghan Hound,
An ex girlfriend of mine had a saluki,Cairo he was golden coloured,i have never seen a dog with such strong teeth,i used to take him half a pigs head,the next time I called,only the teeth were left,and pigs skulls are like steel.

if i got it right the second one was best of breed saluki at crufts in 2017 pictured with it's owner Rolling Eyes
it aint a saluki as i know them and as you mentioned it does seem to have more than a hint of afgan hound to it.
iirc the KC have been trying to improve their genetics by crossing out to different KC breeds to remedy the weak and shabby critters they have created by inbreeding for a breed standard that has often been about a misinterpretation of how the critter should look but it is best to cross out to the best of the best based on functionality and looks as a matter of course
.the first one seems to have it's own servant ( well it would ) and was at the 2017 uae hunting show .
afaik it isn't a competition in terms of prizes but it is a chance to show off what wonderful hawks, camels and salukis one has.
the children of a beast like that would be a gift to an honoured friend which might be reciprocated in kind with a similar beast in due course from your kennels or perhaps with a race horse, a wife, a learjet or best of all with a lifelong friendship that is far more valuable than any possession.

the arab "breed standards" and protocols are at least a millennia old on paper and much older in practice and have produced beasts like that one and KI el Bahara's family. Calli's kennel is top notch .

very different styles Wink

Ki is on the right and her palace eunuch who is half saluki/half greyhound is on the left
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