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A cucumber glut?

I'm pleased to say that right now the cucumbers are coming thick and fast from the poly tunnel, which is presenting us with a pleasant problem to have. What on earth do you do with a surplus of them? scratch
I've Googled this recipe for Cucumber Soup and as luck would have it, we just happen to have an avocado in that a friend recently brought me in a 'get well hamper'
Neither Karen or myself have ever tried one before, so this recipe would seem to be the perfect answer to the problem of what to do with our surfeit and what to do with an exotic green knobbly thing. ( the latter being the avocado of course)

Here's the link to the recipe. These computers are smashing things aren't they? thumbup

My mum used to make chilled cucumber and mint soup, now seems to be called gazpacho. We didnt bother with the ice cubes, just chilled in the fridge.

If we have too many, we make bread and butter pickles. Easy recipe. Many variations on google.

both of those soups are family favorites here.

pickled little ones are nice,perhaps try using cider as the base for the pickle liquor ,it works a treat for onions as well Wink

they are also rather nice added to stir fries in 1 inch cubes(remove seeds to avoid too much moisture)

they are good in curries(see above re size etc)add them in the last ten mins to retain some crunch

de seeded and julienne sliced with an egg and a little cornflour +herbs they fry as patties( a bit like courgette but cucumber flavor )

peeled and cored in lengths then stuffed is nice either raw or baked depending on the filling(for raw slice the stuffed length into bite size bits

I can't bring myself to snatch the cumbers when they're really small, it seems such a waste.

But if you snatch a couple of dozen early on and pickle them there is more time forvthe others to form and ripen...
and since you use the word glut I would guess you don't hsve to worry about running out anytime soon.
I would take little ones early I the season to allow time for full size to mature by the end if thst makes sense.
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